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Director Ma attending the theme class meeting of "Promoting the Development of Practice Lawyers in the New Era" organized by the Municipal Legal Association as the head teacher of Class 1 in the "Centralized Training Course for Interns in 2019 (Phase I)"

  At noon one o’clock on August 20, under the guidance of head teacher Ma Jian, the Class 1 held a theme class meeting on "Promoting the Development of Practice Lawyers in the New Age" during lunch break. The theme class is divided into four topics, including income distribution, source of cases and personal professional development direction, platform construction and brand building of law firms, teacher-apprenticeship partnership and other hot topics in the growth process of practice lawyers.

  The representatives selected by the four groups in the class made warm speeches around the above topics. Through active sharing and in-depth exchanges, the theme class explored the four major issues of the growth of intern lawyers in the new era. It not only identified the practical difficulties in the growth of intern lawyers, but also described the future path of the development of intern lawyers. It gathered ideas, conspired to develop, united and helped each other. In additionit plays an important role for the whole class to complete this internship training with high quality and high standards.


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